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LED lamp

Vave is the first project I did on my first internship in 2011 at TEAMSDesign. It was a quite quick project of 4 weeks, where I had the chance on my own from the first idea, creating the CAD files and finally helping the patent lawyer with the application for a patent. Here one can see in comparison the original sketch and the final product.

DURATION 4 weeks  I   created while working for TEAMSDesign Hamburg    I    HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd

Implementation and production

The design of vave is simple, it lives from the splitlines and its proportions. The connection between the extruded section and the corner profile are the eye catcher of the whole design.With its many colours the vave lamp brings colour in every room with it´s 25 unique colors. All of the following pictures from the online shop.


Here some of the applications for the lamp in gastronomy and private homes. Pictures from:


The lamp was published in the magazines "wohnen regional" and "raumideen" and was found to be:

The vave LED panel is a beautiful and extraordinary lamp, which illuminates a modern and environmentally friendly light.