The portable tap


The task was to design a water tap with added value. But I decided to add the value to the water and to change the perception of tap water as „ just tap water“.

What if we could reduce the usage of bottled water and change the perception of tap water by adding value to tap water ?

By enhancing the aesthetics of water through shape and material and adding a flavor pad that can be filled with either tea, coffee or other flavors, the T-POT becomes a unique drinking experience. Trough the flavor pad the tap recognizes whether hot or cold water is needed. With it´s simple interaction, the new design and the portability, T-POT expands the user experience of "just tap water".

DURATION 2 weeks   I     Single project     I     Umeå Institute of Design     I    in cooporation with MORA


One of the main inspirations for this project was the bottom up cups from gastronomy. The joy of use of this refilling system I wanted to convey to the new portable tap concept.

The initial sketches and the mood boards for this project. Using the sketches to understand what would be an interesting way of interacting with a portable tab and how to add value to water.


The process of the quick mock up and testing the handling of the tap.