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What if we could make forestry more interesting for future generations and at the same time create safer forestry machinery that are easier to interact with?

HX focuses on the user, the interaction between user and machine, and a reduction of damage to the forest floor. It accomplishes this by reducing size and weight, and having a semi autonomous forwarder and harvester modules which support the user in his tasks with easy and safe handling.

The smaller size and less weight of the autonomous harvester module reduces the ground damage. The modular system lowers production cost and allows quicker maintenance. The user is able to work in his trailer while supervising several machines and increasing  productivity. The user is able to take his remote control into the field and control the machine from anywhere he wants to. When autonomous harvesters become the standard, Rottne AG will distinguish itself from the others  by thought-through design of the physical interaction point of the machine and the user. It offers a well lit work area, storage and an interface, helping with the task and ordering spare parts. 


DURATION 10 weeks    I     SINGLE PROJECT    I     Umeå Institute of Design    I      in cooporation with ROTTNE AG, VOLVO, BELOS

After mapping out everything, I was able to distinguish three design opportunities which would have a positive effect on the future development of the company.


 In case of emergency the user is able to take his remote control into the field and control the machine from everywhere he wants to.



For this project we visited the manufacturer Rottne to look at the production line. Afterwards we had the possibility to interview and  accompany a small harvesting company during a workday.



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 ‘A day in the life of Stefan’ (the user we interviewed), shows the interests and problems of our user in a simplified way.

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User verification for the concept directions


Presenting for representatives of Volvo, Rottne and Belos.