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This concept was developed during a ten week course working together with Dräger AG. Together with my classmate Jost Siebert, we created a concept to faster guarantee safety for the workers in gas and oil refineries. During this project we analysed the design strategy of Dräger, refined it and visualised it in a common core, a generic shape. This concept allowed us to look into the work environment of a refinery in Gothenburg, Sweden. During this trip we had as well the chance to try ourselves as oil and gas refiners. Dräger has bought the rights to the concept and is currently in the process of patenting it. 

Soon we will be able to show more about our project and the Mock up which prooved that our concept was more than four times faster than the current system.

DURATION 10 weeks   I    GROUP PROJECT  Jost Siebert, Darja Wendel  I   Umeå Institute of Design   I   in cooperation with DRÄGER

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During the process I had the chance to plan and organise a week long  workshop for my classmates. We first analysed our research trip, stakeholders, users and products of Dräger, then created personas and moved into our first ideation.

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more coming soon! stay tuned....